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  • Método ARMA

    El método de estudio de ARMA se basa en la investigación de manuales de combate, literatura e iconografía Europeas históricas, y el análisis comparativo a través de experiencia Read More

  • Nuestro Credo

    Respect for History and Heritage
    Sincerity of Effort
    Integrity of Scholarship
    Appreciation of Martial Spirit
    Cultivation of Self-Discipline
    Read More

  • Recuperando el Arte

    El interés en el combate cuerpo a cuerpo de la edad Media y el Renacentismo ha explotado en años recientes al tiempo que el estudio de las artes marciales auténticas de Europa actualmente cobra vida sin precedente. Read More

The art of fence

Principios del Arte



First, anyone who grabs a dagger to injure a man he knows to be unarmed will strike a blow in the first opening he fancies, since he will only be concerned about his victim’s fleeing before receiving his wound. Therefore, this type of assailant will operate without subtlety. And for this reason, the man being assaulted can defend more easily.

Unarmed defense against daggerFabris

Maestros del Arte


Fiore dei Liberi

was born in Cividale del Friuli, a town in the Patriarchal State of Aquileia in the Friuli region of modern-day Italy, and was the son of Benedetto dei Liberi of Premariacco. His surname seems to indicate his status as a member of the milites liberi, the Germanic unindentured knightly class which formed the lowest tier of nobility; this is significant because the liberi had in this period nearly vanished, replaced by the indentured milites ministeriale.

Master Fiore dei Liberi(ca. 1340s - 1420s)


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